Other Developed Software


EVALHID is available (at the moment) as independent software. EVALHID is a module for the development of rainfall-runoff models in complex basin and which evaluates the amount of water resources produced. The module consists of several types of models that can be chosen depending on the available data, the complexity of the basin and the user’s experience in the development and calibration of hydrological models. All available models are aggregate with semidistributed application at subbasin scale.


CAUDECO module is designed to simulate the evolution of several biological indicators derived from the results obtained from SIMGES. Its recommended use is as a complement of SIMGES for evaluating the impact on the uses of water of different alternatives of environmental flows implementation.

Available for third parties

AQUIVAL module was developed to help the user in the creation of an aquifer simulation model with the eigenvalues method. The main utility of this module is producing the eigenvalues method data required from SIMGES for the simulation of a conjunctive use model. AQUIVAL helps the user in the modeling of aquifers by the eigenvalues method facilitating the data input from a graphic interface. The principal characteristic of this distributed parameters model is its computational efficiency, which reduces the time and memory needs. This makes it suitable for including the groundwater flow model in complex management models and running several alternatives for long simulation periods.

MASHWIN module is used to analyse historical hydrological inflow series and the formulation of stochastic models for generating synthetic series. Its principal utility is as complement of the SIMRISK module, generating the different scenario series of future hydrological inflows.

The EVALGES module for the economic evaluation of the basin management was developed in order to provide a helping tool in the different costs studies of the measures to apply in a basin. This module permits associating to each element in the simulation scheme created with SIMGES a cost-flow curve which is used to calculate an economic function for the whole system. Simulating the management in the basin you can obtain the different economic functions for every different alternative measure and the added costs to the system for each of these same measures.