AQUATOOL includes several modules which can be licensed individually. These modules are:

  • SIMGES. Water resources management simulation module, including groundwater resources.
  • OPTIGES. Water resources management optimization module.
  • GESCAL. Water quality simulation module.
  • SIMRISK. Risk assessment module.

Preceding modules can be used jointly through AQUATOOL interface.

According to the type of user, conditions and prices are:

Type of user


Conditions and licence acquisition

Evaluation and students


Modules can be downloaded from web. The license enables the display and edition of whatever scheme, but it only enables the simulation of reduced schemes. The license does not give you any type of assistance or help in the use of the software.

Public institutions which use the software for nonprofit-making purposes.


It requires the identification and registration in our service by filling in our registration form. The license must be renovated every year.
The programs are fully operational.
The license does not give you any type of assistance or help in the use of the software.

Consulting companies

1st module:


The license is contracted by an “agreement” with UPV and the conditions are describe on it. In general:

  • The license gives a right to assistance for the use of the software through email or phone.
  • It also includes the possibility for a person, designated by the company, to do a one-week placement in the IIAMA. During this time, this person will be able to resolve his/her doubts with the investigation team staff. The costs derived from the placement will be on behalf of the company, and the dates will be designed by mutual agreement by both sides.

The right for updates and support will be valid for a two-year period.

Renewal of licenses for consulting companies.


For companies and institutions that have purchased a license and want to renew the assistance service by phone and email, an annual maintenance contract is offered.

In the case of companies, contact Abel Solera Solera or Javier Paredes Arquiola ( – +34963879612 – +34963877610) to get the license.

The modules with free license are listed below. In order to use it, a registration through this form will be necessary.

  • RREA: module to estimate the effect of different environmental pressures on continental surface water bodies.
  • Aquival: Module for distributed modelling using eigenvalues method.
  • EvalHid: Water resources assessment module.
  • Caudeco: Environmental flows assessment module.


The Water Resources Engineering Research group (GIRH) offers training courses in “ANALYSIS AND MODELLING OF WATER RESOURCES SYSTEMS WITH AQUATOOL SOFTWARE”. These courses offer different scopes and contents according to the client needs. The prices of these courses will depend on the time, content and other factors, which will be defined in the agreement with the GIRH. 
Besides giving technical training in the use of the models described, theoretical concepts and experiences of interest in water resources systems analysis are also taught.

Contact Abel Solera Solera or Javier Paredes Arquiola (; – +34963879612 – +34963877610).


AQUATOOL development is based on the need to analyse real problems in the planning and management of real river basins. The AQUATOOL development team has experience over 25 years in advisory works with governments and water planning companies.

For contracting of specific services related to water planning contact us ( – +34963879612 – +34963877610).