RREA Model

The RREA model (rapid response to the ambient state) aims to estimate the effect of different environmental pressures on continental surface water masses. It is intended for application at the scale of large water resources systems. Its usefulness is very varied allowing, for example: to define zones not sampled with high risk of contamination, to estimate the efficacy of the depuration measures or to calculate the situation of the system in different scenarios (climatic change, times of drought, etc.)

Basically the program estimates concentrations of contaminants in the surface water masses taking into account the load that is provided in each mass, the pollution that comes from upstream and the possible degradation that occurs in the water mass itself. It contemplates the continuity of the flow between the successive masses of water and therefore the effect of any measure on the whole system.

The program has been developed within the Water Resources Engineering Group (IWRM) of the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV).

The following document details the working bases of the RREA model:

Model bases (Spanish)

In November 2018, version 2.0 of this tool is published. The main changes are detailed in the following document:

2.0 version changes (Spanish)